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Tuesday Night Fangirling
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27th-Apr-2009 09:15 pm(no subject)
photoframe of memories, things so deep they never show, friends are forever
Is there fangirling tomorrow night or was last week the last week?

EDIT: lizbyrd: None tomorrow; I'm not ruling out the possibility of another one later but we're really not sure yet.
21st-Apr-2009 09:58 am - Tonight
dog, fox, Mylife
hi all,
is fangirling on tonight?
9th-Mar-2009 08:28 pm(no subject)
The time has come (the walrus said) when I'll be missing a chunk of Fangirling (alas!) due to playishness. Play itself doesn't start for 8 days so I was hoping I could make it tomorrow.. but the Blue Room Season Launch for members and vips (where we stand around and say 'oh do come to our show, it will be all arty and cool' to Important People) is actually tomorrow night, so it looks like it will be four weeks til I see you all! (except for weekend daytime-ish events...)

I shall miss you!!!

See you at Fangirling on April 7th...
3rd-Mar-2009 02:48 pm(no subject)
Hallo! Just a quick note to let you know that my attendance at fangirling tonight is somewhat uncertain. I have rehearsal at 5.30...when we did that last week we finished at 8, and if that happens tonight I'll dash down. However there's a distinct chance it may go late...very late...in which case I wouldn't appear. Sorry about the ambiguity! I'll message Alex when I know either way.
3rd-Mar-2009 02:02 pm - tonight
dog, fox, Mylife
Hi guys,
sorry about the late notice, but I will not be coming to fangirling tonight as I am feeling really tired.  I'll see you all next week.
24th-Feb-2009 06:32 pm - tonight
dog, fox, Mylife
hi guys,
I will be coming tonight at 7.30pm but could you order me pizza as i have been held up at work.
10th-Feb-2009 06:42 pm(no subject)

I shall be there tonight, but not til 7.30, due to unexpected laundry debarcles! I won't be pizza-ing, so feel free to order without me..

See you soon!
27th-Jan-2009 05:14 pm(no subject)
Masked bear
Given the failure of SMS to adequately communicate last time....

I will probably not be at fangirling tonight, unless I feel a lot less tired really soon.

Apologies to all, at least you will have extra ice cream. Feel free to watch anything in my absence.
12th-Jan-2009 04:49 pm(no subject)
So today I went to a wildlife reserve outside of Canberra.

Upon wandering the wetlands, one of my friends pointed and said 'look, it's a magpie goose!'

I looked at the these-are-the-birds-in-this-reserve sign and sure enough there were coots and pelicans and a couple types of duck...and magpie-geese. And there one was right in front of me...

Tomorrow I commence a search for the obscure northern-NSW platypus-bear.
6th-Jan-2009 06:11 pm - tonight and Query
dog, fox, Mylife
hi guys,
I will not be at fangirling tonight sorry about the short notice but i just got home.  I had planned to come but I took in my car to the mechanics to get the air-conditioning re-gased but there was another problem  which took the whole day (was going to take longer but the part came in time). will see you next week or Sunday.
I was going to ask to night, does anyone want to play Munchkin Quest? I got it for Christmas and thinking of playing it this or next Saturday (to play and have a swim).

EDIT: the date is now next Saturday (17/1) who is free?
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